Oven cleaning in Lancaster.

When was the last time your oven had a good clean?? Chances are, if you can’t remember when the last time was that you cleaned your oven, then you need the services of Clean & Care. 

As a local business, we provide a professional, high quality, domestic oven cleaning service offering our customers the best quality and value for money.

For professional oven cleaning call 07311 945301 or use our Contact Us form.

The majority of us will clean our property from top to bottom, focusing on key areas like the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, but how many of us actually pay attention to the oven? Our cookers are utilised on a daily basis to feed us and our families however, without good care and attention your oven can harbour grime, dirt and built up food substances that are not only unhygienic, but also very dangerous. Over a period of time grease will stick to the internal walls of our ovens not only emitting a smell foul, but also potentially causing your food to taste different. Burnt grease and grime is also a documented hazard, with grease in kitchens being one of the biggest causes of fire in domestic homes. 

Using market leading well known cleaning agents on every oven clean, we get stuck in with ‘elbow grease’ and remove any traces of grease and grime, bringing your oven safely back to life in quick time. 

Prices start at just £30 for a one off clean.

Contact us to find out more: Call 07311 945301 or use our Contact Us form.