Specialist Clean and Care are a licensed waste disposal company any waste with sharp and potentially harmful edges must be disposed of safely. We help you with competitive costs to ensure that you adhere to current Hazardous Waste Regulations at the best price.

We’ll provide the right sharps bins for your business’s waste, whether that’s cosmetic tools or medically contaminated syringes, and collect them at a frequency that suits you.

Businesses in all types of industries dispose of various sharp substances; if you’re one of them then you’re legally obliged to control the waste to avoid health risks in the disposal process.

It’s important to use regulation-approved receptacles of a suitable size (no over-filling!) and store them in a safe space.

Our licensed waste carriers will collect and incinerate your sharps waste in accordance with legislation without interrupting the day-to-day running of your business, so you can keep your business compliant without any hassle.